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The project for the remediation of the Bishops Mill Pond originally came from a Section 106 agreement linked to the Planning Permission for the development of the Chelmsford Campus.

The Mill Pond is situated behind the Michael Ashcroft building adjacent to an attractive 19th Century Mill building. The pond had become overgrown and silted up with poor quality tree re-growth and litter.

The project provided the opportunity for the environmental regeneration of the existing mill pond.

This involved the dredging of the existing pond which had become clogged with weeds and overgrown and sympathetically regenerating it to encourage wildlife to return to the pond. We also provided paths and seating areas for the students, staff and the general public to enjoy
the improved area as well as planting native species and reeds to provide new habitats for wildlife.

Project Cost: £350,000
Programme: 10 Weeks
Completion Date: December 2008
The Project Team
Project Manager : G Dolden & Associates
Designers and Contractor Administrator: Entec UK
CDM Co : Entec UK
Contractor : Land & Water

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