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Don’t get caught out by a home-buying time bomb: Picking the right building survey.

What survey do I need when buying?

Building Survey, Condition Report or Homebuyer Report?  This is just one of the many questions we are often asked surrounding property purchases.

As a result, we have linked to an article we feel will help make things clearer, it is an old article but the advice still stands, have a survey before you buy to ensure your Dream House does not turn into a Money pit. With the help of this article and our team at the end of the phone or email, you won’t go wrong.

The money pit, if only they'd employed G Dolden & Associates Ltd to carry out the survey after asking "What survey do I need?"

Here at G Dolden & Associates Ltd, based in Kelvedon near Colchester in Essex, we are experienced in all types of building survey and we cover properties throughout London and Essex, from Grade I listed buildings to new builds. Whatever property type you are considering, we can advise you on which survey is best, often saving you money initially and also in the long run by highlighting possible big repairs that will need undertaking that could be missed with a lenders basic valuation survey.

Please call 01376 573877 or click contact us to discuss your property and we can arrange the right survey for your needs, at a time that suits you ensuring you have all the information required so you can make that dream home a reality sooner.

If you would like to see some more information on our small friendly company, the surveyors and the people behind the scenes, please click here for further details.

A fifth of buyers who did not take out a home survey are now saddled with a property they would never have bought if they knew its true condition; claims a new report. We explain how not to get caught out.

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