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Expert Witness Reports

Expert Witness Reports and Joint Expert Witness Reports; are requested by the Court usually when a dispute has arisen and the court requires expert guidance to the validity of the opposing claims. In more recent times the Joint Expert Witness Report has become more popular as the courts see this as less partial as the Surveyor is appointed equally by both sides.

We have experience of carrying out these reports normally when construction works have not been carried out correctly and a dispute has arisen. The senior staff have a wide experience of carrying out expert witness reports in order to inform individual claims or as a single joint expert providing an impartial report for both parties.

We have a wealth of experienced in Historic & Listed buildings and a wide knowledge of traditional and modern construction techniques.


To improve on the quality and relevance of the expert witness reports, further expert witness training (sponsored by the RICS) was undertaken in 2011. We also have access to other specialists who can ensure that the correct advice and report are obtained.






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