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What should I do with an Historic or Listed Building on my estate

Historic Building Dining Room

Listed Building Dining Room

If you have a historic or listed building which has been used for teaching or office space, you may be familiar with a number of complaints, such as; we cannot run in modern services, there is no room for cabling or ventilation ducting. The property is cold; it does not have modern insulation and heating. The space is not flexible we cannot set out our space and layouts as we would like to. It’s dark. The maintenance costs are high requiring highly skilled operatives to carry out maintenance works. Listed Building consent is required for any changes which is restrictive and bureaucratic. This may leave you wishing you had a modern modular building instead.

However let’s look on the plus side people generally like the look of historic buildings especially if they have been well looked after, there is a homely charm to a timber framed building and the proportions and decorative features of a Regency Terrace mean that these buildings have been copied over time and have been sought after as homes and prestigious offices over the years.
Putting aside Castles and Cathedrals, the architecture gives clues to the best usage of these buildings, it lends itself to more intimate meeting spaces and the antiquity lends an aristocracy to the spaces and environments including terraces and gardens, after all these are the genuine articles giving a feel of authenticity and permanence.
Think pubs and hotels, main receptions, small lecture rooms with break out spaces, dining and meeting areas, galleries for company collections. You will tend to find that the successful refurbishment of these spaces will follow this pattern.
Don’t devalue these buildings to service or storage space as they will soon begin to degrade with inappropriate repairs and poor maintenance. Instead promote them to your highest quality public meeting space.

G.S.Dolden MRICS

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