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Planning Permission

In both residential and commercial applications, proposed works will more often than not require Planning Permission (also known as Planning Approval) for the works, and Building Regulations Approval will be required for the works to be undertaken.

The situation is a potential mine field for the property owner who will be working with varying local policies and restraints which may relate to the building itself or the locality in which it is sited. The starting point for a plan is usually the presentation of a drawing of the scheme submitted to the Local Authority to obtain either full planning permission for a detailed project or outline planning, where simply the potential for a scheme is being reviewed.

At this stage a review of the plan with a surveyor who understands the complex laws relating to planning matters can save property owners considerable time and money and will identify those schemes, known as permitted works, which do not require Planning Permission.

G Dolden & Associates have a detailed knowledge of the local regulations and are able to assist with the process providing valuable input at the design stage, ensuring that the correct submissions are made and following through any application to its conclusion.


Elevations & Sections 3146-2E

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